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About Strattice™ TM

Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix (TM) is a soft, natural product from LifeCell™ that is designed to reinforce weak or inadequate tissue and to support growth of your own tissue. Derived from porcine dermis, it's a strong, flexible and sterile product.

Strattice™ Reconstructive Tissue Matrix Diagram

This Web site is not intended to replace a discussion with your surgeon. It does not describe all the risks and benefits associated with Strattice™ TM. This product should not be used if you are allergic to porcine material or Polysorbate 20. Please consult your surgeon to ensure Strattice™ TM is right for you.

Porcine products have been widely used for the repair and replacement of damaged tissues in a variety of surgical procedures, such as heart valves, for many years in the United States.

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LifeCell™ Tissue Matrices have a history of success since 2002 in breast reconstruction for cancer patients post-mastectomy, and have also been used to treat surgical, trauma and burn patients for over ten years.

In the context of complications after breast augmentation, Strattice™ TM has become a popular product used during revision surgeries.

The Strattice™ TM Advantage

Biologic tissue matrices such as Strattice™ TM may be used in revisionary procedures. By reinforcing weakened tissue and supporting tissue regeneration, biologic tissue matrices can help to:

  • Reinforce support, helping to hold the breast pocket in the desired location.
  • Support and position breasts in desired position.
  • Redefine the fold location by supporting the fold repair inferiorly or laterally.
  • Correct complications after breast augmentation such as bottoming out, fold malposition, and symmastia.
  • Minimize the need for significant muscle manipulation and spare the use of additional muscles.
  • Reinforce thin tissue in the presence of ripples and wrinkles.

Improved Revisions with Strattice™ TM

Breast revision surgery can restore your sense of well-being. Strattice™ TM can be used to reinforce weak or inadequate tissue in soft-tissue repair both in the revision surgery context as well as for breast reconstruction cases. Every woman's situation is different, so be sure to ask your surgeon if Strattice™ TM is right for you.

If you have questions about Strattice™ TM or breast revision surgery, read our frequently asked questions page. You can also request more information about Strattice™ TM.

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